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Posted by Jatmoz - 3 days ago

Hi, hello. Today my account here on Newgrounds turns 5 years old, so I thought I'd do a little review of my experience here in this site throughout those 5 years (but really it's been two years since I got actually active).


So we start here, I make my account and mostly use it for favoriting things on the audio portal. I wasn't really active at all during this time except for uploading music, which started with Pluck. Shoutouts to @nstryder for my first music review ever, and for letting me know sidechaining existed. It actually was really helpful and encouraging though, thank you.


Uploaded a couple more songs, got a review here and there. And not much else except for continuously attempting and failing to get my other music friends on the site.


During the start of this year I felt like getting a tad more into the community. Kept visiting the art portal and found a bunch of cool art, for real so many great friggin' artists on this site. Started visiting the under judgement section, trying to make myself a proper NG member. Aside from that, I had an attempt of getting into the NGADM but I wasn't really quite there yet.


At this time I joined a few Newgrounds servers on Discord, including @TheNewgroundsPodcast when it was just created. This is where I found some of the coolest people I've met honestly. I would put a whole list of names here but there's too many peeps and cutting it off anywhere would be mean, buuuut I do have to mention @Kraikein, Eight, @MidgetSausage and @smallphroge for being fucking epic. Also the lads at the NGP discord, the Audio Pub and the Party Games & Chill server. RIP Newgrounds Server 2/Atomix.

I started using the BBS, which is surprisingly fun for a zoomer like me who has never used one. Shoutouts to @tacopug for making the Incremental Improvement Club, which actually helped me a lot, not gonna lie to you. I also got through the tryouts of the NGUAC! and made a track for the first round, but again I wasn't quite there. It was also a tense test of making stuff on an actual deadline.


This was the good year. After 4 years I finally got my first frontpage, that was a great feeling, not to mention the people who've left really nice comments about my stuff, seriously thank you for each and every one. Not strictly Newgrounds related but I joined @wavetro's Discord server back in January, and it has been my favorite server, period. For real, all the regulars are all fuckin' awesome. Also @bluryach we should talk more often dude.

I tried once more to get on the NGADM, and while I didn't go beyond the audition round, the reviews people left on my submission were very kind so I'm happy. I was approached by @xristos to make music for his game, which came as a bit of a surprise. That marks my first actual collaboration with someone. Then the Stickmen 2020 Remake Collection happened so that's the second. "Finally! Actually contributing to the site with other people!" he said, after only throwing his own self-indulgent tracks into the cybernetic void for years.

More people were following me after having done more stuff with people, and right around the end of the year I got to 100 fans! I was like "oh wow people like my stuff I can't believe it", it's a very nice feeling.

Hopefully more stuff like this can happen in the coming years, there's a lot of great people and great things on this site, and I'm grateful that I have been able to witness it and interact with some of it. I really wish this website is kept alive for a long time, hopefully. Thank you for reading.



Posted by Jatmoz - December 13th, 2021


holy shit it finally happened


Posted by Jatmoz - April 14th, 2021


let's gooooo


Posted by Jatmoz - July 24th, 2020

makin' music is hard but i'm harder

Writer's block decided to take a break and let me work on a tune lately

this one's a lot more barebones but i'm practicing fills and variation a bit

so uhhh expect a new track somewhat soon, like in a few days!


Edit: btw it's out it's Brrr Stuff



Posted by Jatmoz - September 16th, 2019

okay i guess it just happened




Posted by Jatmoz - September 16th, 2019

no idea




Posted by Jatmoz - July 1st, 2019

freakin' finally

I've finally finished the EP I was talking about so much. It's my first EP, and I hope you enjoy at least some of it.




Posted by Jatmoz - April 23rd, 2019

I have 2 songs out of 4 complete.


Cloudy is a minimal chill almost lo-fi kind of song, it's the one you hear in that announcement video I made.

Polyhedra will probably be my most ambitious song yet. It'll be like a blend of chaotic bass and chill vibes, I spent a long time on it and I can't wait to release it.

Thanks to anyone reading this for enjoying my music.



Posted by Jatmoz - March 31st, 2019


  • high school takes a bunch of time
  • it's gonna be 4 songs
  • one's finished
  • two are halfway done
  • one is still in idea form
  • high school is stressful
  • thanks for listening to my music
  • thanks for reading