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teddy is awesome I wanna play spicy 52 with him

I love this, it makes me smile like a dumbass

este es una de mis cosas favoritas de este sitio ahora, lo amo lo amo lo amo

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What the fuck I got all the Doors right in the first try I´m not shitting you

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I'm more inclined towards glitchy, experimental stuff like this, but this could use some things for it to sound great. For one, the sounds used and the glitches are quite dry. The break could be cleaned up more, you could also play around with chopping the sample and doing all sorts of arrangements with it to make it more exciting. You could pan the vocals, delay them, destroy them too. The glitchy noises can really shine when they're put under the right processing, some modulated filters and something to smooth them out more.

I don't mean to be harsh, but it sounds like an experimentation session you put drums and some vocals over. This is a subjective thing, but it doesn't feel like the instruments are interacting between each other much, which would otherwise make the track more cohesive and grounded. Repeating phrases here and there, instruments going out as others come in, a consistent groove to legitimize the noise in between, I know this is a work in progress but just details like that are what I feel make a great glitchy track.

I think I heard some other sounds in there? Like a bass at 0:06 and some kind of white noise at 0:05? The glitchiness together with the break make it a bit hard to discern those extra sounds, you could mix them so they can leave a bit of space for the accompaniments. Just the glitchiness and the breaks alone take up a lot of presence, so you'd need to EQ them well so they don't overshadow the other elements.

For what you have right now, I'm intrigued to hear what the full track will sound like.

The 808 that you use in the beginning sounds muddy when it hits the low notes, even a bit distorted. My guess would be because you used a sample for it instead of a synth. I'd recommend using a synth with an 808 preset, it'll sound much cleaner, specially if you want to play it at varying pitches. About the beat comin' in at 0:08, it do be soundin' pretty snazzy, nicely done percussion and foley. I also like that you overlaid the 808 with a new kick, it makes it punchy.

The section at 0:45, the bass that plays goes too low to sound well, at least for me, it sounds like a rumble. The notes it plays at 0:47 feel much nicer, it feels more grounded. Maybe you could play a G in place of that second note B, it'd even give the bass an upward motion to give more anticipation. The kick and 808 at 1:18 start to sound like they're clipping, and not in an intentional way, like they're not sidechained properly so you might wanna check that out. Still, nice job with the other instruments and percussion, beat's good.

Rest of the track is pretty alright, decent way to progress by bringing a new synth at 2:09. This is more subjective, but in the context of the track, the synth of that section is a bit cheesy, maybe I would use something like a melodic solo of sorts with a different lead. Though I do like what you did at 3:19, feels like the idea of 2:09 but better executed, the synth there fits the beat better.

Overall it's alright. I would like to see more variation in the melodies or play around a bit with the chord progression, but the track is decent at what it does, even if it's quite generic for my taste. Keep in mind, using a key with C as the tonic on a bass track is pretty tricky, around C1 and below the sub-bass starts feeling less like a bass and more like a rumble. Other than that, the beat's cool and the accompaniments enhance it instead of taking away from it, you did well.

This is badass. I like the riff on the first verse, and nice job with the meaty tone of the guitar. The mix is already decent, but it sounds dry. But if you wanted to make it sound fatter or more glued together you could use a compressor on the drums with a short attack, it'd make them punchier and have more tight dynamics if you wanted it to sound more impactful.

I'd also recommend putting a subtle reverb in certain instruments just to fill up space, for example a low volume reverb with short decay on the drums to simulate being in the room with the drums, and putting a reverb with low volume but long decay on the guitar could fill up the empty background, especially with a compressor on the whole thing keeping everything together. Just putting little details like that, although maybe not what you're looking for, could make the mix a bit better.

Nitrocore responds:

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it.

The mixing advice is really helpfully as well, it's something I want to get better at eventually, although it could end up being my White Whale.

The riff actually came first then I built everything on top of it, I'm glad you liked it.

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There's literally no reason for this to exist and it makes it all the better

This is very nice, I like the texture you gave the whole thing. Glad you're still doing more art, dude

Mortee-C responds:

thanks, and ye ive been doing art, just keep forgetting to post here

i love women

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